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Freespace: The Great War Released

Freespace: The Great War is a space-combat simulator, offering according to Hyperion, an unparalleled mix of top-notch graphics, plot and game-play. Hyperion Entertainment has been working on the Amiga conversion since 1999, but it now seems that Freespace: The Great War has been released.

The plot of Freespace starts off in the 14th year of the war between the Terrans and the Vasudans. Both sides quickly put aside their differences when the technologically superior Shivans join the fray. So technologically advanced are these Shivans that when you first meet them, your weapons can't even target their ships and to make matters worse, they have shield-technology and you don't. At first you have to avoid direct conflicts with the Shivans and instead embark on missions to steal their technology and uncover their secrets. Fortunately, you are not alone and your wingmen are there to back you up. You can take control of all friendly fighters and even call in reinforcements.

The mission objectives are varied and include 'search and destroy', espionage missions and some epic battles with capital ships near the end of the game. There are 30 single-player missions in campaign mode and 20 multi-player missions, with multi-player support for up to 12 players LAN and Internet (both TCP/IP). There are about 30 real-time rendered ships including massive capital ships and destroyers of unprecedented size and detail. The AI is very sophisticated which is to your advantage and disadvantage as you can guide your skilful wingmen but at the same time devious opponents can adapt to your abilities.

This game in particular takes advantage of high spec Amiga's as Freespace's graphics are truly impressive with outstanding use of colored lighting, shielding, lens flares, engine blast effects and explosions. Immense capital ships patrol through colored nebulas and asteroid fields, swarmed by hordes of attacking fighters and bombers.

Freespace: The Great War requires a 060 or PowerPC equipped Amiga, a Graphics card, 3D accelerators supported through Warp3D, 64 MB RAM (minimum of 48 MB RAM free), and an 8x speed CD ROM drive.

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