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Freespace Update

Hyperion Entertainment has announced that an update for recently released Freespace: The Great War is now available. Hyperion has further improved Freespace a space-combat simulator as this update adds some new explosion sound effects to the game; additionally the mouse control and the CD32 Joypad Control have been enhanced. The AlphaTexture settings for the Warp3D Renderer of Freespace are now always configured correctly, so that Voodoo 3 owners do not need to set the Alpha manually. Gamers who intend to download the update should note that there are two separate archives, one for PowerPC and the other for 68k.

In related news, Hyperion Entertainment participated in an IRC chat session organised by Amiga Fun and Amiga Future. During the chat session Hyperion revealed that all development on their game projects has temporarily stopped as they are currently working on Amiga OS 4. However, according to Hans-Joerg Frieden, the port of Realsoft3D being carried third party developers is continuing and should be ready for release in the second quarter.

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