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Update: FreeCiv Competition

Last week, it was reported on Amiga Flame that Amiga World had arranged times for fans of FreeCiv to play the game against each other on the their Internet server. It would seem that interest has grown substantially and thus David Pitcher of Amiga World revealed that Amiga World is organising a FreeCiv competition.

In this FreeCiv competition, players will fight each other in matches that will be running over the course of this year and next. Although, players do not necessarily have to play every match, if you want to top the League, then you need to play the matches to earn as much points as possible. According to the organisers the matches will run at convenient times for gamers in Australasia, Americas and Europe.

The prize for the player whose civilization comes up on top is an AmigaONE XE/G4 motherboard populated with 512Mb of RAM. This is one prize well worth the fight.

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