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FreeCiv On-line

For the past month or so, Amiga World readers have had the opportunity to play Unreal Tournament, a Quake style game on their server. It has now been announced by David Pitcher of Amiga World that gamers can also play on their server at pre-arranged times FreeCiv, a popular civilization inspired game.

According to the organisers, the version of FreeCiv you use must be 1.12.x, because apparently 1.14.x is not yet available for Amiga gamers. Once the game is started simply access the connection options panel, type in "" as the server and click connect. The first session will take place at 1pm GMT on Sunday, the 23rd of November.

If you want to create a prosperous civilization and conquer all others, then e-mail David Pitcher of Amiga World at:-


Visit their web site at:-

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