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Fore-Matt Home Computing Sale

Fore-Matt Home Computing's small sale is still on with prices reduced on a number of items. This is your opportunity to pick up a bargain on some of the best games released for the Amiga in recent times.

The first title on sale and one that should be snapped up is ClickBOOM's Napalm, which was released in 1999. This real-time strategy game included plenty of missions to complete and featured stunning battle scenes. It proved such a popular game that websites dedicated to Napalm were established, and it was voted the second best game of 1999 by the readers of Amiga Flame. Fore-Matt have reduced the price of this title from £30 UK pounds to just £10.

The second title on sale is T-Zer0, a shoot'em up in the style of Project X. Gary Storm, a shoot'em up fan, in a comment to Amiga Flame said, “it may be an old genre, but it's the best rendition yet. Smooth, frenetic, and ultra-playable”. The sale price of T-Zer0 is £15.

In related news, it has come to my attention that gamers are finding it difficult to obtain joysticks for the Classic Amiga. Fore-Matt would appear to have two kinds available, namely the AM Attack Joystick from Logic 3 and the Competition Pro Mini.

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