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Faces of Mars 2001 Released

APC&TCP has released a new CD-Rom called Faces of Mars 2001, a PD compilation of software dedicated to the red planet, or some way related.

It features the best of the over 500 disks can be found on this shareware-CD-ROM. The games, programs, pictures, animations, mods and texts can be found in these main-drawers: 1982 (classic games), Babylon 5, Esotherik, Fantasy, FOM, Games, History, Jokes, Mathematics, Misc, Science, Science Fiction, Space, Star Trek and Star Wars. All programs are tested under OS 3.5.

Beside that there will be several bonus programs for internet-users like a free email-address, link to the personal homepage, discussion-group and The Portal, a starting point for the web, including, email, search-engine, web cards and e-commerce. Also are two audio-tracks included: 2001 and They came from Outer Space!

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