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A further update to the list of Amiga Retro Titles includes links to a number of well known flight simulation games. Thanks must go to the webmaster of who sought the permission of the companies involved in these realistic simulations.

One of the titles which is bound to draw the attention of flight sim fans is A320 Airbus which was designed with the help of Airbus pilots and uses real flight maps. It is very realistic and so requires a great deal of skill and of course, the manual. The site also hosts the sequel and similar games like Approach Trainer and JU52-Flight Simulator.

There also various puzzle games available to download such as Tower Software's card games and backgammon. If you want a serious challenge then play The Fool's Errand which was an awarding game for the Amiga platform back in the late 1980s. It offers a blend of story-telling, playful visual puzzles, and even a cryptic treasure map.

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