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First Screenshots of AmigaOS 4

The first screenshots of AmigaOS 4, under development by Hyperion Entertainment have been made public. Bill McEwen acknowledged that many Amiga users had been eagerly awaiting their first glimpse of the new AmigaOS and indicated that users would continue to see new screenshots as they become available. Below, are some of the reactions of users to the first AmigaOS 4 screenshots.

"Coming from someone who hasn't used an AmigaOS since 1.3, I like it alot. It keeps the charm of AmigaOS, but looks very clean and professional. I can't wait to run this when it's released and I buy an AmigaONE".
Al Hartman

"Classic look on the outside, all out drag racing engine under the hood!"
Alex Bartonek

"I like them too. Overall, I like the menu and intuition style shown on the sixth Intuition pic, but would mix and match of course. I hope the window gadgets (other than the scroll bar, which is shown in an updated style in other pics - intuition-4 is probably my fave) get a more 3D style. They are shown on the screenshots in more colours, but I think a Amiga-ish 3D look will be nicer (there is a patch program that has the exact look I would want, but I don't know the name of it). Anyway, I believe it is fully customisable. Very nice".
Chris Young

"I like it. Good thing that AInc made these shots available as soon as possible rather than "fitting it into their release schedule" on Great! The low resolution and hideous colours may not make the desktop justice at this point, but it's definately promising, with all those rounded edges and transparency thingies going on. I hope that off-the-screen-windows- dragging can be adjusted so that there is a resistance before pulling them off-screen...Difficult to use otherwise".

"I looked at the new screen shots, and they were breathtaking to me. A ppc REAL Amiga. Wonderful!!! I would like to thank Bill and Hyperion for all their hard work, on an OS that is well worth saving. Great Job guys".
Brad Ray

Amiga users might be interested to know that Ben Hermans of Hyperion revealed that over a 48 hour period, the AmigaOS 4 web site received 50,000 visitors. Ben Hermans also revealed that were absolutely amazed at the interest, stating that, "Just today I was contacted by somebody working at NASA, somebody from NATO and somebody from the European Union. All of them sending words of encouragement and offering support".

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