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The Release of AmigaOS 4

AmigaOS 4 was officially released on the 30th of November with ACube Systems responsible for the distribution to dealers. Finally after several years of hard work by Hyperion and dozens of talented developers, it is now possible for classical users to purchase a new version of their favourite operating system.

This new version of the AmigaOS takes all the features that made the original operating system great, and updates them with the latest requirements for modern PowerPC hardware. As a consequence, it remains as a user-oriented rather than a task-oriented operating system, and it is as efficient as previous versions. If you do encounter any problem the Grim Reaper, a smart crash handling system will identify errors and stop them getting out of control.

It is important that prospective customers verify whether their hardware is supported by AmigaOS 4 Classic before placing their order. A list of supported and unsupported hardware is available on ACube Systems' website. Hyperion has reiterated in recent days that depending on overall market-demand for the Amiga OS 4 Classic version, additional hardware may be supported in the future.

Reports on sales figures of AmigaOS 4 have been positive as ACube Systems have revealed that the interest expressed towards this new version is so high that, actually, orders are twice than expected. In a statement on their website, they said, “This shows that the Amiga community is still strong and that it enjoys and support the efforts made by Hyperion Entertainment VOF and ACube Systems Srl to develop and promote concrete and powerful products”.

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