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First Screenshots of Invasion

Over the past year Zeoneo have produced a number of games for the AmigaDE such as Planet Zed and Crossword Evolution, aimed primarily at the handheld market. In each case Zeoneo have proven to reviewers that any games they create tend to be highly accomplished. Invasion, a space invader type game seems to be no exception with the first screenshots now publicly available.

The Invasion has begun
Milan Pollé, best known for being the designer and creator of the 'Candy Factory' graphics creation software was responsible for managing the development of this new Zeoneo game. Under his guidance Invasion has taken so far about three months to produce with its development now in the final stages.

Two months ago Zeoneo announced that their Amiga DE content would be shipping on Microsoft PocketPC and Smartphone devices. It seems reasonable to assume that Invasion might be one of the titles to ship in a future Microsoft PocketPak.

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