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Foundation Mission CD and Heretic 2

Paul Burkey, author of the Foundation series of games has produced a Foundation mission CD called The Undiscovered Land.

This mission CD will require gamers to have Foundation Directors Cut with it featuring 40 new missions, adding to this classic as well as many other new features. It should be ready for release in June.

Hyperion Software has made available a demo of Heretic 2, a highly acclaimed doom style game, which has impressed Amiga magazines such as Amiga Format.

The demo is 41 MB in size so gamers should only attempt to download the demo of Heretic 2 if they have the correct requirements. This demo requires a PPC Amiga with WarpOS 4.0 or better, 64MB of Ram, 70MB of Hard Disk space, Aga or Graphics board, for 3D acceleration: Warp3D-compatible card, Warp3D V3 (Permedia-Based card HIGHLY recommended), and also AHI 4.

If you wish to order your copy of Heretic 2, then e-mail Publishers Titan Computers at:-


Visit their web site at :-/

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