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Eye-Play: Eyetech's Games Division

Eyetech a company known for their support for the Amiga hardware end, have made the decision to enter the Amiga games market. This is seen as a positive step for Eyetech, which have won a great deal of praise for their dedication to the Amiga and for their good service to customers.

Eye-Play is the name given to Eyetech's games division, with Alan Redhouse, Managing Director stating that it will be “dedicated to the publication, promotion and distribution of top-end games for the Classic Amiga architecture and, more significantly, for those currently in development which are designed to run under the new Amiga OE”. Eyetech has assured gamers that releases from Eye-Play will go through “rigorous standards of selection and quality assurance”.

Eyetech has taken the ambitious step of making a commitment “to help out individual developers who are new to the platform by making their Amiga-endorsed EZDev-Plus and EZDev-Tower developer systems available on concessionary terms”. This is a welcoming development, which will help developers create the game they wish without unnecessary hardware problems.

Gamers have greeted this decision with one Amiga user on Amiga Network News calling it “a nice idea from very well respected Amiga Company”. Kay Are Ulvestad on ANN proved to be even more enthusiastic, “this sure is good news! Great website design, a good product range, and reasonable prices from one of the UK's most respected Amiga dealers. Nice job, Eyetech! Gary Peake of Amiga Incorporated commenting on the announcement said, “We know Eyetech will bring a great deal of integrity and professionalism to the serious gaming market and their dedicated Eye-Play division will, I know, help spread the word about the Amiga OE and its talented developers to dedicated gamers everywhere and take us a significantly nearer our ultimate goal of the implementation of the total Amiverse vision”.

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