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The Pulse Expands

Alive Mediasoft has announced that they their popular free magazine, The Pulse has increased its readership due to income from advertising with 5000 gamers receiving a copy each month. They have therefore decided to expand the publication further.

Alive Mediasoft have introduced cover disks for those gamers, who wish to receive a cover disk with their free publication. You can now also subscribe to The Pulse CD (P-CD), or The Pulse Cover Disk (P-FD) for a very small fee to cover costs, with one-off copies costing 3 per issue for the Cover CD or 1.50 per issue for the Cover Disk.

The cover CD will contain some brilliant new updates for Elite 2 with all sorts of new ships etc. There's also the exclusive preview trailer of Phantasmagoria and a fully playable demo of Heretic 2. Included is a brand new demo of Descent 2 PPC Warp 3D and a demo of the X-Men for Quake.

If you wish to know more about The Pulse, then e-mail Steven Flowers of Alive Mediasoft at:-


Visit their web site at :-

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