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Exodus: The Last War Released

Exodus: The Last War is a real-time strategy game developed by a Polish team and just published by Blittersoft.

Exodus is set in a futuristic world of a distant and unknown galaxy. In this game you must select a race and gain a final victory. It is necessary to take care of your economy and exploit resource deposits. In this way you will raise credits that are used to fund the construction of buildings, factories and military units.

There are over 20 pre-rendered maps with up to 20 animated buildings and up to 20 animated units for each side. In single-player gamers face up to 20 maps while in multiplayer mode there are 24 maps with 2 gamers able to play via null-modem. The game also has CD track music.

It requires a 030 processor, 16MB Fast Ram, Aga, CD-Rom only and has Graphics Card support.

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