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Exclusive:Crystal Interactive Software and Amiga Gaming

Crystal Interactive Software, which have signed up in the past year Amiga games such as Bubble Heroes, Gilbert Goodmate and The Dark Millennia have announced exciting plans to bring Amiga games back into retail. Bubble Heroes, a puzzle/ platform type game is expected to be the first Amiga game to hit the shops.

Read all about this great news below in this exclusive Press Release sent to Amiga Flame:-

Crystal Interactive Software brings Amiga games back into Retail

Crystal Interactive Software and their North American parent Corporation have decided to distribute new Amiga games in their existing retail channels, consisting of roughly 30,000 stores in more then 30 countries worldwide.

The format these titles will be published on are PC/Amiga dual CDs. Since it is not viable anymore to release a stand-alone Amiga game into retail, the company has decided to bundle PC and Amiga versions of their latest games together to form a single product.

In order to keep every customer happy (especially the Amiga customers!) Crystal Interactive Software will make stand alone Amiga CD versions available through mail order, on-line and the remaining Amiga stockists. The management of Crystal Interactive Software is aware of the fact that Amiga users don't want to pay for the PC version, since they don't need it. The nice thing is that millions of PC users will have to buy an Amiga game!

The titles selected for a dual CD release will be of the highest quality in their particular genre. First up is "Bubble Heroes" by Arcadia Developments.

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