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Epic Interactive have made available updates to Simon the Sorcerer II and The Gold Edition of Foundation.

The update to the Gold Edition of Foundation fixes all known problems that Amiga users have reported to author Paul Burkey. The update for Simon the Sorcerer II offers much more as it includes a new version for Amiga gamers with graphics boards and a PPC/ GFX board version. If you have any of the above games and want to take advantage of these updates then visit the Downloads section of the Epic Interactive homepage.

Paul Burkey of Epic Interactive talked about the difficulties associated with porting a game to the Amiga. He revealed in the Amiga Newsgroups that, “It was possible to port Feeble Files to the Amiga because we (Epic) had ported it to MacOS already where the licence and development costs were covered. This means the Amiga version only has to cover cost of duplication (and some extra development time)”. As result it is clear that Amiga only conversions are out of the question, as “developers really have to include Mac (or Consoles) into their Port to survive”. Paul Burkey has suggested that two new game ports to MacOS may be ported to Amiga and has also not ruled out games for AmigaOne.

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