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Elite 3, Descent 2 and Quake World For The Amiga

Alive MediaSoft has started 2000 with style; they are in the process of converting Elite 3, Descent 2 and even Quake World to the Amiga.

The Elite series has proved to have a popular following amongst gamers; unfortunately Amiga gamers were excluded when Frontier Fist Encounters (also called Elite 3) was not developed for the Amiga. Alive Mediasoft is to change this with Frontier Fist Encounters now being converted for the Amiga. It will support PPC and Warp 3D.

Descent 2 is also in the process of being converted with it set for an early release sometime in January/ February. It will be like the pc version but it will have “some little extras” according to Steven Flowers of Alive Mediasoft. It will require a 030 processor, 8MB Ram, and will be CD-Rom only. There will be support for PPC and Warp 3D.

Quake World is also in development and should be available by the end of January.

In related news, Alive Mediasoft are seeking programmers to work in their in-house development team and also need a game reviewer to help with The Pulse.

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