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Edivision Announce Support for the Amiga DE

Los Angeles based games company, Edivision has announced that they intend to create a number of new games for the Amiga DE. In addition Edivision will provide Amiga Inc key pieces of technology for the Amiga DE.

The founders of Edivision - Patrick Roberts, Jeremy Engelman, and Steven Haun have been described as veterans of the computer gaming industry. Patrick Roberts created 2D and 3D effects for Walt Disney's feature animation classic Dinosaur. He has also created software and animation for Dreamworks Animation, Disney Classics and the Disney channel. Jeremy Engelman is one of the finest 3D artists in the world. His best-known work is the artwork for Cyan's Riven, the sequel to Myst. Steven Haun is an award-winning computer graphics producer with more than 10 years of experience in the computer graphics and entertainment industry. His credits include effects production for Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, ABC, CBS, and Fox Television.

Edivision plans to create 3 development labels for the Amiga DE, two of the labels will be exclusively devoted to entertainment titles while the third will provide utilities, drivers, and extended functionality. According to the Edivision press release “the company is also negotiating with other developers to bring their titles to the Amiga DE platform”.

Edivision is in particular commitment to developing games for the PDA market. Patrick Roberts, one of the founders at Edivision said, “When Amiga announced their relationship with Sharp, we saw this as an opportunity to get in early on a new, exciting gaming platform. Devices like the Sharp Zaurus and other PDA's offer the ability to reach a new and different generation of gamers”. They also praised the development of the Amiga DE with Steven Haun of Edivision making the point that “Titles created for the Amiga DE are capable of running unmodified on a number of platforms including PocketPC, Zaurus, Windows, and Linux. This gives us a tremendous advantage in bringing a title to market. It allows us to focus development on the title itself and not the limitations of cross-platform least common denominator intrinsics”.

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