Amiga Flame - News - Exclusive: Crystal Interactive Software's Pokemon PC game Converted to Amiga

Exclusive: Crystal Interactive Software's Pokemon PC game Converted to Amiga

Crystal Interactive Software's dedication to Amiga gamers has taken another step further with Amiga Flame able to exclusively report that Crystal Interactive Software has reached a deal to covert Pokemon to the Amiga. The Pokemon craze has been racing throughout the country for the last few months with Pokemon the game becoming a smash hit on the Nintendo 64.

Alex de Vries, President and CEO of Crystal Interactive Software has also confirmed that this major title will be available in the shops in dual format.

To find out all about this great news, read the exclusive Press Release sent to Amiga Flame:-

Crystal Interactive Software's Pokemon PC game converted to Amiga

Under official license CIS have obtained the rights to use the original Pokemon characters in their forthcoming PC conversion of the Nintendo 64 smash hit. The company has also scheduled this title for Linux and AmigaOS.

CIS intend to market this title in the dual CD format the company has adopted to release Amiga and PC games simultaneously. Expected release date for the PC version, using OpenGL standards, is around Christmas 2000. The AmigaOS version is scheduled around that same date.

RRP will be US$49.95 and the initial production run consists of 250.000 units being shipped into more then 30.000 stores in 30 different countries.

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