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Sixth Sense Investigations Freely Available

Originally released in 1998, Sixth Sense Investigations was a graphic adventure game which found favour with most magazine reviewers and adventure fans. With the permission of the developers CineTech, the game is freely available through an HDF file for WinUAE / e-UAE users.

The game is about a quite crazy but very calm, sensitive young man who has the paranormal feature of being able to communicate with the spirit of a sarcastic bad dead man. A friend who is a detective uses his skills to solve the most bizarre problems of the rich people. Anyway this generates many crazy and funny situations.

The game is created using VEGA, a graphic adventure development system designed for the Amiga. This system has allowed them to make the game go at 50 frames/sec with 256 colours and the ability to zoom on characters. Sixth Sense Investigations also boasts 20 music tracks, sound effects and has full character speech in the CD Version.

Amiga Arena are currently looking for the disk version, so they might make Sixth Sense Investigations available to classic Amiga gamers.

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