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Development of Word Me Up Completed

The development team behind Word Me Up, an AmigaDE game that combines arcade action with reflection and memorisation have confirmed that development has finished. A release date has not yet been announced.

In Word Me Up immerse yourself in the heart of a magical world in which a sorcerer, called Movaissor, stole all the Texts of Knowledge and Wisdom, books that guarantee peace and stability on Earth. Reign of Darkness then began... The Council of Wise, at the High University designates one student, last hope to save humanity. This student, it's you! Time to play...

After choosing a student among five, go all over three worlds available namely Sport, Country and Game to get back all the stolen texts. In each of the sixty levels you must race against the clock to gather a set of letters to compose a word related to the world you are in. You will face levels featuring endless mazes, full of pitfalls, infested with numerous Movaissor henchmen and so you must take care with all the special tiles, avoid drowning and take hidden parts.

Word Me Up features fifteen graphical themes, funny sound effects, multi-directional scrolling, and seven AI levels for baddies. Languages catered for in the game include English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

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