Amiga Flame - News - Exclusive: Crystal Interactive Software Bring 'DWEEBS' Mania to the Amiga

Exclusive: Crystal Interactive Software Bring 'DWEEBS' Mania to the Amiga

Last month, Crystal Interactive Software announced that they would be converting the highly successful game, Pokemon to the Amiga. This month they have exclusively revealed to Amiga Flame that they will be bringing Dweebs to the Amiga, a game originally designed by Adrian Cummings of Mutation Software.

To find out more about Dweebs, read this exclusive press release sent to Amiga Flame:-

Crystal Interactive Software bring 'DWEEBS' mania to the Amiga

Crystal Interactive Software's highly successful license for the cute and cuddly DWEEBS characters, originally invented by Adrian Cummings of former Amiga developers Mutation Software Development has led to the conversion of the first DWEEBS game to the Amiga platform.

The DWEEBS phenomenon is rapidly gaining more and more popularity in a Pokemon-like fashion. After the release of the PC game "Dweebs" publishers Crystal Interactive Software quickly planned a sequel which was never released "Dweebs 2: Bubble Trouble". Adrian Cummings moved away from PC game programming before he could finish this title. Crystal Interactive Software quickly assigned additional teams to create a Dweebs Kart Racer and a Dweebs Pac-man game to keep in line with the hype the phenomenon called DWEEBS had become...

Apart from computer games the DWEEBS craze took the form of soft toys, which are now being sold in one package with the original game. The forthcoming Amiga version will be sold both separately and with the soft toy. Also in the works is a Pokemon style trading card game which is being designed by U.K. affiliates Crystal Games who are solely concerned with DWEEBS at the moment.

The Amiga version of Dweebs will be sold exclusively from Crystal Interactive Software U.K.'s website

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