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Desert Racing of Bardos Released

I have known about this racing game for sometime as the German Amiga magazines covered the story on a number of occasions. Although I cannot read German the screenshots have always been enough to convince me that Desert Racing of Bardos would be worth the wait. According to APC&TCP, the wait is over.

Its author Ralf Schmidt has spent the past several years working to develop the perfect arcade racing experience. In the game, you'll have to tune up your car carefully as you will need different weapon systems to succeed in the dirty desert races. In the single or multiplayer modes you'll not only have the possibilty of tuning the performance but also other exciting features.

To get into the pleasure of Desert Racing of Bardos your Amiga has to be equipped with an AGA chipset or a graphics board. You will require at least a 030 processor, 2MB of ChipRAM, and 32MB FastRAM. If you want to experience Desert Racing of Bardos for yourself, then pick up a copy from APC&TCP or play the demo on the cover of Amiga Future. In the new year the demo might become available from a number of websites.

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