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Defender Of the Crown Re-mastered?

In September ClickBOOM and Cinemaware announced that classic Cinemaware titles were to return with special re-mastered versions in production. At the time it was revealed that these titles would be available for the pc and Mac but ClickBOOM have started a poll in order to find out whether Amiga gamers would like purchase an enhanced version of Amiga classic Defender of the Crown.

The story to Defender of the Crown is set in medieval England; King Richard has been murdered and England thrown into civil war. Amidst the ringing clash of steel and the thunder of charging steeds the bold Saxon knights have chosen you to lead them into battle against the hated Normans. Players will compete in grand tournaments of joust, siege castles and raid enemy strongholds in their attempt to find the lost crown of England. Enlisting the support of Robin Hood, players will have to outwit their enemies to control England and restore order to a war-torn land.

Defender of the Crown was originally released in 1986 by Cinemaware, setting at the time new standards by combining strategy and action in one of the most memorable medieval action games in history. For the Digitally Re-mastered version, players can expect the same classic gameplay of the originals, but featuring enhanced graphics and sounds effects that take advantage of today's technology. Players can also expect never-before-seen screens and material that were cut from the original titles.

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