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DiscreetFX Enter the Games Market

DiscreetFX, a company traditionally involved in the development of serious software for the Amiga platform and for the CGI industry has announced plans to help games developers. DiscreetFX outlined in a statement that they wish to publish Amiga games through their newly created GameShop.

Bill Panagouleas, CEO of DiscreetFX stated, “new game authors need free web hosting and low cost no nonsense publishing terms to get their titles available to that user base”. He believes that GameShop fulfils those requirements allowing developers to focus on developing a great game, while “Game Shop takes care of everything else, free web hosting, marketing, promotions, packaging and shipping”. There will also be a free toll free number for sales and support, free downloads of demo versions of the game, and work-in-progress reports from the GameShop web site.

DiscreetFX have stressed that not all games that are submitted will make the cut and they wish to nurture new game developers with fresh ideas and so avoid old worn out ideas that have been rehashed time and time again.

If you want DiscreetFX to consider whether your team's game ought to be published then contact them at:-


Visit their web site at:-

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