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Alpha-Testers Wanted for DigiboosterPro 3

APC&TCP have announced that alpha-testers are wanted to help with the development of Digibooster Professional 3.

Digibooster Professional is a tracker program to produce your own music by using samples. With the current version, it is possible to manage within one song up to 128 tracks, 256 samples, and 1024 patterns or positions. There are additional features, such as DSP Echo, optional realtime 32 bit HIFI mixing with linear interpolation, and volume and balance envelopes.

Interested alpha-testers will report mistakes, problems, bugs and other non-system conforming events. To properly test the stability of Digibooster Professional it is vital that users with a range of Amiga systems or emulation packages are found.

If you are an interested user, please send an e-mail with the subject "DBPro3 beta", including your system configuration, to:-


Visit their web site at:-

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