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Amiga Active Goes digital

Amiga Active has taken the bold decision to significantly change the magazine to cover the new market place the Amiga is set to enter. The newly named magazine, digital will cover the revolution that Amiga are entering, but will not focus exclusively on Amiga technology.

The magazine according to the AA web site “will focus on the current revolution in computing that is taking place thanks to the distribution of computing power to many networked components, through Internet and wireless technologies”. Although classic Amiga software will no longer receive coverage, the Amiga will continue to be covered. As the AA web site explains, “Amiga Inc. are entering a new marketplace at the forefront of a technological innovation that is changing the face of computing in every shape and form, from the desktop to personal communication devices”.

Concerns have been expressed that these changes effectively will lead to the end of Amiga coverage to create a completely different magazine of little interest to Amiga users. However, AA staff have stressed since the announcement that this is not the case. Andrew Korn of AA stated, “We aren't abandoning the Amiga - we will go on covering it. However as there's not an entire magazine worth of coverage in the new Amiga yet, we're going to cover it as part of the wider market that Amiga Inc. are (re) entering”.

In the past few days the knee-jerk reactions of some users have led to a new respond from some Amiga users. The new view to emerge is these changes could be of some positive benefit to the Amiga for digital will cater to a wider audience of computer users and developers and thus knowledge of Amiga developments will no longer be restricted to the Amiga user base. Andrew Korn seems to also indicate the positive benefits for the Amiga, “We're ensuring that the first magazine to truly and intelligently deal with the whole next step in computing has pro-Amiga sensibilities and a pro-Amiga voice”. The potential to encourage computer users to take an interest in the next generation of Amiga products will be greatly increased while developers may like what they learn about the Amiga DE, and thus take on Amiga DE projects.

Most Amiga users are reserving judgement on the changes until the first issue of digital arrives on the 29th of November.

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