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DiscreetFX Sponsor an Amiga Game Creation Contest

DiscreetFX has offered $1000 US dollars to the developer or team that can create a three level demo of a platform game starring Hottie, in the classic gaming style of Arabian Nights, Shadow of the Beast, Nicky Boom, Zool, etc. Gamers should note that Hottie was drawn by Eric Schwartz and is DiscreetFX's leading visual character.

It is the contention of DiscreetFX that Amiga game development has become stagnant and so in an effort to address the situation they have launched this contest. They believe this contest should “sharpen your Amiga game creation coding skills” and reignite the enthusiasm of development teams by offering a financial incentive. Interested parties should be aware that their three-level demo needs to run on classic Amiga's and WinUAE/E-UAE/PSPUAE, and the game must star Hottie.

The winner of the prize will get a chance to complete the game and release it on the Amiga platform and other systems. Runner-up prizes are also on offer to the less fortune.

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