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DiscreetFX Acquires Millennium from Nova Design

DiscreetFX has acquired from Nova Design all remaining stock and all rights to the Amiga Video Toaster Flyer software package Millennium.

Millennium is a collection of software, scripts, effects, fonts, backgrounds, and other content designed to update your Video Toaster and Flyer dramatically. Millennium was designed to be the largest, most comprehensive, upgrade you could put on your Amiga system. Many fans of Millennium believed that this package would no longer be developed but this buyout is likely to have the opposite effect. According to Bill Panagouleas of DiscreetFX, “Millennium represents a good fit for the direction my company is going. DiscreetFX has some interesting plans for Millennium that will be made public very soon”.

In related news, DiscreetFX also opened up a new website dedicated to the AmiZilla project. The goal of the AmiZilla effort is to raise a significant amount of money to give away to the first programmer/ team that can port Mozilla to Amiga.

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