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Developers Conference

Amiga Incorporated are to hold a Developers Conference at the St. Louis Amiga show in the US, between the 21st of March and 2nd of April. It is recommended that developers, past, present and future attend to learn according to Bob Scharp more about developing “for the newest and most experienced of the "Multimedia" and "Digitally Enlightened" Computers of the last two decades”.

Amiga Incorporated will have all of their Executives present to discuss the platform and answer questions. Experienced Amiga staff will present the "One on One" sessions. You need to attend, to get a hands on perspective of the newest and best platform development systems. Amiga Incorporated is expected to show off the developer system at the Show with one of these systems to be given away as a door prize.

I recommend that readers pass this information on to developers that might be interested or to companies you would like to see developing software for the future Amiga system. I am confident that they would welcome such information.

If you are a developer and are interested in developing for the future Amiga system, e-mail Gary Peake, Director Developer Support of Amiga Incorporated at:-


Visit their web site at :-/

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