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Descent 2 Port

Steffen Haeuser has been working for sometime on an Amiga port of Descent 2 but due to a lack of time working on a number of commercial games he is unable to finish this port. Steffen Haeuser would like to see the completion of Descent 2 and has therefore asked that an interested programmer to come forward and finish this port.

Steffen Haeuser has revealed its current stage of development; it crashes on leaving (and sometimes also on leaving a level, memory freed twice perhaps), Warp3D support comes miscoloured (but software renderer works), Network support doesn't work, in the case of the "Bobbing Movement" Steffen is not sure if it looks like it should do, still a lot of debug output inside of the source, cockpit isn't displayed correctly. The code was compiled with StromC-gcc or gcc-WarpOS.

If you're a programmer and interested in seeing the completion of this port of Descent 2, then e-mail Steffen Haeuser at:-


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