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AmigaOS 4 Demonstrations

This weekend will see a demo of AmigaOS 4 reaching North America, as the new operating system will be demonstrated at AmiWest in the US and at Ottawa, Canada.

At AmiWest, Louie Dituri of Computer Connection an Amiga dealer will demonstrate AmigaOS4.0 running natively on a Cyberstorm PPC A4000, while a Hyperion representative will be on hand to answer questions on the product. In Canada, there will be an PPC OS4 beta and AmigaOne demonstration by Justin Hemmings of LiveWire Systems and Adam Kowalczyk of ACK Software Controls.

In related news, it has been confirmed that the Amiga OS 4 Tour will be coming to Denmark. Amiga OS 4 will be shown running on an A4000 fitted with a CyberstormPPC accelerator, while the AmigaOne will also be demonstrated. This event will take place on the 9th of August at at Syvstjerneskolen in Værløse, Denmark.

Please note if you can't attend AmiWest you can still join the fun as the User Group Network have organised a number of interviews with key figures. There will be phone interviews with Ben Hermans of Hyperion and Alan Redhouse of Eyetech. For details on how to listen to these interviews visit the website of the User Group Network.

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