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Demo of the Month

Road Fighter

Developer:Santi Ontañón and his team/ Tony Aksnes Requirements: AmigaOS 4 Pre 3 or better

OS4 Depot has proved to be an indispensable website as gamers can download games and other software for the new Amiga platform. Although, most of the games are relatively small and basic they can still provide hours of fun. This month I want to focus on an unofficial remake of Konami's Road Fighter which was originally released in 1985 for the MSX home computer systems.

In Road Fighter you drive a car in a death race between you and a group of crazy drivers. To play the game, you just need three keys: left, right and accelerate. In each of the maps you have to avoid all sorts of vehicles such as lorries, ordinary car drivers, and your competitors. Keep a close watch for oil spills as it will make your car spin and remember to collect all the fuel recharges.

This remark was originally created by Santi Ontañón and his team, but credit must also go to Tony Aksnes who converted Road Fighter to AmigaOS 4.


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