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Freespace: The Great War

Developer/ Publisher:Hyperion Entertainment/ Haage & Partner Requirements: 060 processor or PowerPC, with 3D hardware (Permedia 2/Voodoo 3 or better)

Freespace: The Great War is a space-combat simulator, offering according to Hyperion, an unparalleled mix of top-notch graphics, plot and game-play. Hyperion Entertainment has been working on the Amiga conversion since 1999, but it now seems that Freespace: The Great War is about to have its Amiga release in just a few weeks time. In the meantime they have released a demo, providing gamers with an opportunity to try out Freespace.

Below are some comments made about Freespace: The Great War from those who have played the demo. Perhaps these comments will persuade you to download this sizeable demo.

"As far as I tested today - it worked GREAT on my 060+ppc+bvision+128mb Amiga. No problems at all".

“Excellent conversion Hyp!!! :))))”

“The game runs perfectly smooth under all circumstances on my BlizzardPPC060/200 with Mediator and Voodoo3. And that's with everything turned on”.

"Looking forward to buying this excellent game. It's a top-quality port of a top-quality game which runs on most decent Amigas (and emulators as well, if my memory is correct)".
Kay Are Ulvestad

"It's an incredible game, I have played on a ppc604 233 with voodoo3 (using grex-4000) and It's impressive, never seen a 16bit 3D graphic so good on amiga. A game to buy".

"The game doesn't require PPC. It runs 100% perfect on my 060/66-Voodoo 3 with details turned to very high".


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