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Developer/ Publisher:Apex Designs Requirements: 020 processor, 16MB Ram, Aga or graphics card, and 9.5Mb HD space

Apex Designs have made available a payable demo of Payback, a 3D gangster warfare simulator inspired by Grand Theft Auto. The demo has gained a great deal of attention from Amiga gamers who have been impressed by the quality of Payback. Many gamers have praised game creator, James Daniels.

To convince you that Payback should be on your shopping list, below is a demo to download and some comments made about Payback from those who have played the demo and the full game.

“I pre-ordered Payback and was glad I did so, cos its a brilliant game :O)”
Stephen Pike

“I have now completed all the available missions I must say the most pleasure I had was nicking the Government shipment then smashing all the police barricades 80). The Irony bonus is a laugh also. The way I killed the rival gang set-up in the square was by throwing in a nice grenade then flaming the survivors. Heehee! Damn I am looking forwards to the full version 80)”

“I like the sound track, it has a very professional sound quality to it and suits my taste in music and the game”.
Philip Meason

Another cool feature is the irony bonus if you run someone over after nicking their car ;-)
David Arbuthnot

One other kewl thing to do: crash a police barricade with the HUGE bus...:) I really need this game.
J. K.

“After seeing some mails in here about playback, I went and grabbed the demo. All I can say is "WOW!!!!"... its just like GTA, only better :) The explosions totally kick ass, the gore is splendid, and it plays really well”

“I've got it now... and can confirm it is amazingly superbly fantastic… Oh well… goodbye evenings :D”
Peter Gordon


Download Payback - (2.94MB)

You can e-mail the author of Payback, James Daniels at:-


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