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Dream Deal

Dream Deal has been described by its development team SyntheScenes as a “city simulation with personality”. The latest images and information look promising for a game which is targeted for AmigaOS 4 and Windows users.

In this game you take on the role of a property developer whose job is to steer the growth of a city by providing buildings and other utilities. As a developer you have to buy and sell properties or even build them such as office buildings, hotels, convenience stores, and department stores. If your business is to be a success then you'll have to hire suitable staff and dump those people who fail to make you money.

There are some interesting aspects to Dream Deal as characters in the game can become indispensable allies or bitter enemies. A lot depends on how you treat them and often how much money you can throw at them. You may even have to bribe officials in order to succeed.

Reaction on the Amiga World has been positive as gamers find the concept of a Real-Estate type game quite interesting. Dream Deal is still in the early stages of development and so gamers will have to be patient before they get an opportunity to be a property developer.

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