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Deathbed Vigil DVD Being Prepared

Dave Haynie, one of the most popular developers of Commodore, has made a special edition of his film "Deathbed Vigil" for the 8th Anniversary of the Commodore bankruptcy. The Deathbed Vigil is a video/film Dave Haynies found himself making during the last days of Commodore as-we-knew-it. Basically, he took a Camcorder to work one day, just to film some of the now-empty building. This happened to be the week that all but about 30 of the staff were fired, right before the bankruptcy in April 1994.

There is no country code on the DVD, and it can be played back on all players. Audio is English only. Video and Audio has been digitally re-mastered, and new scenes have been added that have not been published before on the VHS tape. The Bonus material contains the music video "Chicken-Lips Blues", a new short film called "Amiga Impact", and a photo album that Dave has compiled.

Deathbed Vigil is expected to be available for the Amiga & Retro Computing 2002 show in Aachen, Germany. It really is an amazing film that every Amiga user should consider getting their hands on.

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