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CygnusEd 5 Released

APC&TCP have finally released the fifth edition of CygnusEd Professional, a well known text editor for programmers.

The new version 5 of CygnusEd has been enriched with new functions and it is even faster and more solid. The helping tool "Ed" has been rewritten completely from scratch and is supplied with CygnusEd including the complete sources. Many old restrictions and flaws of CygnusEd have been eliminated. According to Andreas Magerl of APC&TCP, “Version 5 is also the first version ported completely with all helping tools to the PowerPC processors and one of the first completely adapted commercial products for AmigaOS 4”.

The announcement has already received a positive reaction from developers on Amiga World. Canadian user, Steven Solie who has been using a beta of the new version said, “I've been using the OS4 native CygnusEd beta for some time now. Very fast and a solid performer. I've never lost a line of code due to a problem with CygnusEd”. Details of the new version also received praise from Chris Handley, who stated, “CygnusEd is a fantastic text editor for programming in - you can have multiple views of the same file”.

A demo has also been released to wet the appetite of programmers but please note that a number of limitations have been added. For instance, you cannot save documents to disk, you cannot print documents and the size of text clips you can copy to the clipboard is limited to 20,000 bytes.

If you have any questions or would like to order a copy of CygnusEd, then e-mail Andreas Magerl of APC&TCP at:-


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