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Cyberoxygen is the first of many Amiga development companies set up to produce software for Amiga Digital Environment devices. According to the Cyberoxygen web site, “From the traditional desktop systems, to PDAs, digital TVs, computer assisted cars/kitchen refrigerators, the path to a digital way of living takes form. cyberoxygen is a project for the development of software for this multitude of digital devices that are emerging in our lives”.

Cyberoxygen's projects currently include java APIs, PDA/desktop games and the "Sounds Cool" sound editor/player/converter. Sounds Cool will deal with various file formats such as Microsoft RIFF WAVE PCM (.wav), AIFF, MP3 (import), Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) and Music modules import (.mod, .s3m). Their web site also includes further examples of their work including a few games, which run on the Software Developers Kit.

If you have questions or wish to provide your support, then e-mail Ruben Monteiro of Cyberoxygen at:-


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