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Cinnamon Writer and LinCity-NG

Free software in the form of Cinnamon Writer and LinCity have been eagerly anticipated for some months and so Amiga users will be pleased with the latest reports from their developers.

The author of Cinnamon Writer, a WYSIWYG writer application for the AmigaOS has presented a progress update. He revealed that Cinnamon Writer will have basic text editing and RTF format support, while future versions will boast advanced features comparable with those of Abiword or the most often used functions of Word and OpenOffice. A version of the program will be delivered to betatesters toward the end of the year and then a public version in the beginning of next year.

LinCity-NG, a City Simulation game has finally been converted to the Amiga platform by Andrea Palmatè of AmigaSoft. Like previous simulation titles the aim is to create your own city without the masses dying of starvation or pollution, which simply involves a balancing act between managing the economic needs and the population. The latest screenshots of the in-game action in LinCity-NG deserve a mention as the new iso-3D graphics engine certainly captures the attention to detail.

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