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Amiga Survivor is scheduled according to CS&E to be re-launched at the World of Amiga show in the autumn. Everyone who signs up before or at the World of Amiga fair will be entered into a draw to win some prizes such as a 2.5" hard drive and copies of Max Rally. If you want to subscribe to Amiga Survivor you can do so on their store page.

However, CS&E will be releasing a 'transition' issue to be shown to advertisers and distributors as well as distributed to the people who are already waiting after their previous May 17th release date.

CS&E has also revealed that Cosmo's Fun Class is very near to completion with a June 23rd release date. Cosmo's Fun Class is an education title for children aged 4-9. It brings a fun outlook to learning with arithmetic, memory and reading challenges in 17 activities. This title can be pre-ordered from CS&E now.

Back in Time 2 is a compilation of SID music for the Amiga, pc or Mac going back to the days of the Commodore 64. It is a companion CD for the audio release of Back in Time 2. Fans of SID music should be absolutely thrilled with the CD, which will be priced at just 4.99 and scheduled for release on June 23rd.

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