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Crystal Software and Electronics Distribution

Crystal Software and Electronics has announced that they intend to help the Amiga market further by stepping in as an independent distributor for Amiga games. They hope that Amiga Publishers will contact them, as they believe they could help maximise their sales.

Read the Press Release below for more information:-


I am writing to you for the good of the Amiga in the UK and beyond. The Amiga has many great publishers and retailers and now two dedicated magazines, but no independent distributor. I can announce to you that CS&E will step in to independently distribute. We will reach both mail order and high street retail from our warehouse in Birmingham, which is shared with the likes of Eidos. All products are delivered next day across Europe with many guarantees for both the publisher and retailer. We hope that this step will prove to be a great benefit for the whole Amiga community and urge everyone to come together on this issue.

Retailers please let us know your full contact details for regular updates with your fax number and e-mail and postal address. Publishers please also get in contact to maximise your sales. A starter pack outlining our aims is being prepared which will be sent out to all known contacts worldwide.

UK Amiga users can already feel proud by supporting some of the most innovative companies around, we hope that this link will prove valuable to all and our aim is to assist this good work.

Managing Director, David Connolly

CS&E sales:
7 Glyme Close, Woodstock, Oxon, OX20 1LB, Great Britain
+44 (0) 1993 812685

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