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Creation Studio is a design company that offers all forms of design services to the public, corporate and retail sector. Although only three months old the company has already completed work for Warner Brothers, Disney Furniture and Vodafone. The companies' latest project, a 3D monkey animation called "Bobs video diary" has been short-listed to the top twelve in the BBC new animation awards.

Creation Studio use Xeon dual processor machines with Lightwave 7.5 to offer fantastic animations
Tony Nottage, the man who founded Creation Studio is a long-time Amiga fan, who has used Amiga's all of his life working on early versions of Lightwave. He told Amiga Flame, “all my experience in graphics has come from working on Deluxe Paint, Lightwave, Tornado 3D, Imagine etc”. Although Creation Studio does not use Amiga's currently, Tony did state, “I will be getting an AmigaOne for personal use and if Candy Factory 2 and Real 3D are good enough, possibly one or two for the studio”.

Creation Studio can provide a full video recording and editing package
Determined to see the Amiga survive he has offered the services of his company to help Amiga developers. Tony Nottage stated, “I am willing to look at any developers potential games or programs and, if they look like they are well set up and the product is likely to be released for sale, to help the Amiga market we would be willing to offer our services in the form of 2D & 3D graphics, both for in game graphics and most especially intros and cut scenes”. They also have in-house video editing facilities, and are able to produce voice-overs, soundtracks and DVD authoring for presentation purposes.

The cost can either be an agreed keen price or if the money isn't there they could agree a percentage of sales. Although they realise that sales could be small, they believe that “to get any where the new and inventive games that come out must blow peoples socks off and compete with the likes of the playstation 2 & the PC/Mac”. Tony Nottage concluded, “if we offer fantastic graphics and gameplay then future AmigaOne owners would want to buy it”.

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