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Crossfire II Demo for AmigaOS 4 Released

Steffen Haesser and Alinea Computer have completed the AmigaOS 4 version of Crossfire II. A demo is available for gamers to wet their appetite, while a patch can be downloaded for those gamers who already own a copy.

Originally released in 2002, Crossfire II is a mixture of the well-known shoot'em up games Stardust, X-Out and Wing Commander. There are wide of range of missions from escort duty, defense patrols to large battles in an armada of ships. It also boasts three game modes - Dogfight, Survival and Campaign. If you want a simple fight to the death then try the dogfight mode in which the last player alive wins.

There are some exciting features that have been added such as the variety of combat ships from scout vessels to big cruisers with several independent cannons. The player sometimes gets help from wing men who can be give commands. Ground missions are also included once you're able to control a tank.

If haven't already picked up a copy of Crossfire II, then make sure you add this shoot'em up to your Christmas list.

To download the demo or the patch, visit their web site at:-

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