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Crossfire II Released

Crossfire II a mixture of the well-known shoot'em up games Stardust, X-Out and Wing Commander has been released and is available to buy from publishers, APC&TCP.

You have three game modes to choose from in Crossfire II, namely Dogfight, Survival and Campaign. In Dogfight mode up to 4 players fight against each other. The last player alive wins the round. After an adjustable number of rounds the player who inflicted the most damage over all rounds wins. Between the rounds the earned score can be invested in new weapons. The most important mode is Campaign, as the player gets involved in a complex story with many different missions. Expect everything from assault and attack missions up to escort and scout missions. Between the missions you will get more and more into the story with important events shown by rendered animations.

There are some exciting features that have been added such as the variety of combat ships from scout vessels to big cruisers with several independent cannons. The player sometimes gets help from wing men who can be give commands. Ground missions are also included once you're able to control a tank.

Crossfire II requires an 030 CPU, 16 MB Ram plus either AGA or a Gfx Board. The developers have suggested not to use the HiColor version without a PPC board.

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