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Cool Reception to Amiga Inc's CoolTools

In a rare announcement, Amiga Inc revealed a new line of AA2 applications known as a CoolTools, which aim to provide fun and friendly applications.

The first product called Tip Calculator takes the guess work out of what to leave for your tip at a fancy restaurant. Simply type in the amount of your bill and Tip Calculator takes care of the rest. Just in time for Christmas, the second product is Snowman Maker which provides an entertaining interface that allows the user to create their own custom Greeting card directly on their Windows Mobile phone and then mailing that custom card directly from their phone to any other device that supports MMS messaging.

The response of the Amiga Community to the release of these products has been less than generous. Some users have expressed concern that their new line of products will have little impact on a market that is saturated with similar titles. Remarking on the release of a tip calculator, one anonymous user on Amiga World said; “I just checked the ITunes store and there's about fifty for the iphone! God alone knows how many win mobile ones there are to compete with”. Peter Gordon even pointed out, “I can pay $0.99 to calculate tips, even though my phone comes with a calculator anyway”.

In what appears to be a further blow for Amiga Inc, it was discovered that Snowman Maker is freely available for Windows from the Microsoft website.

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