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ClickBOOM have posted a news update, which includes news on Nightlong and new games.

ClickBOOM continue to press ahead with their court case against the Duplium Corporation over the faulty Nightlong CDs. According to Sofia Tsiotsikas of ClickBOOM, the first trial appearance has finally been set and will take place soon. ClickBOOM continue to hope that they will win the remaining stock of Nightlong, as well as specially packaged replacement CDs for the existing customers, and all shipping and handling expenses to replace the faulty CDs.

However, Amiga gamers who have not yet purchased Nightlong can now purchase the fixed version of Nightlong from ClickBOOM. There is only a very small amount available at the moment, so if you want to purchase this awarding winning adventure game, then order your copy now. Gamers should note that each copy of Nightlong includes a full version of Quake.

Last week Amiga Flame hinted that it was likely that ClickBOOM would announce details of a new original game. Surprisingly the news update revealed that ClickBOOM will not only be working on one new game but several. It is therefore possible that ClickBOOM may also be working on finishing the conversion of Z, a strategy game by the famous Bitmap-Brothers and working on the sequel to Napalm.

In order for ClickBOOM to speed up the development work on these titles, they are seeking a Amiga/PC C/ASM programmer to help out. Sofia Tsiotsikas emphasized that there would be some tough programming work to carry out and so only those programmers capable should apply.

In related news, several of ClickBOOM's games are no longer available from the ClickBOOM Shop, namely Napalm, T-Zer0, Quake, and Myst (English). However, it is still possible to purchase these popular titles from FORE-MATT Home Computing based in the UK.

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