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Following pressure from many Amiga dealers carrying the coupon promotion it has been decided by Amiga Inc that the promotion should be extended. Users now have until the 25th of July to purchase a coupon, which will help Amiga Inc to properly plan, budget, and order for the production of the AmigaOne.

Alan Redhouse, Managing Director of Eyetech emphasized the importance of purchasing a coupon. He stated “we will certainly be giving priority of shipment to purchasers of the club/voucher scheme. In the first manufacturing run we will build more AmigaOne's than the number of vouchers sold, but not a huge amount more. If the demand from non-voucher holders is high there may be a significant delay in fulfilling their orders”.

Amiga users should in most instances be able to purchase their coupon from their local Amiga dealer. German Amiga users can purchase their coupon either from KDH-Datentechnik or Vesalia Computer, Dutch users should contact Computer-City, while Spanish users can now pick up a coupon from Amiga Super Bit. In the UK Eyetech have suggested that British Amiga users should simply purchase the coupon from the Amiga Anywhere Shop.

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