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ClickBOOM Makes Stand For Gamers

Following the release of Nightlong ClickBOOM's latest game conversion some gamers experienced problems with copies of the game. ClickBOOM were obviously “devastated” by this problem especially in light of the way the Amiga magazines highly rated this awesome adventure game.

ClickBOOM over the last nine months attempted to deal with matter and so be in a position to send replacement CDs to those gamers affected. However, due to problems with their long-time CD duplication and media partner they have had to file a lawsuit against Duplium Corporation. ClickBOOM stated in their press release that although they cherished their partnership with Duplium Corporation, ultimately “Amiga players come before anyone else”.

ClickBOOM have asked Amiga gamers to be patient as legal action is slow but they hope to prevail in this matter.

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