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Source Code of Civilization: Call to Power 2 Released

In terms of strategy games, Civilization is without a doubt one of the best ever created. One of the titles that followed included Civilization: Call to Power 2, which received mixed reviews, for while Strategy Informer gave it the “Pure Disappointment” award, other reviewers were less critical. With the source code of Civilization: Call to Power 2 now available it probably won't be long before Amiga gamers find out for themselves whether this sequel meets the high standards of the classic.

In Civilization: Call to Power 2 you have the opportunity to lead a civilization from pre-history to the present and beyond. You determine what kind of government the people should be governed by, areas to research, and attempt to stimulate economic prosperity. As your empire expands contact with other civilizations is inevitable and thus you must decide whether to trade with your neighbours or reduce their civilization to ashes. From personal experience, I tell you that have spent many hours playing the Civilization series of games; they're the ultimate games for strategy fans.

Following the release of the source code of Duke Nukem 3D it wasn't long before an Amiga version was available. Gamers can only hope that the same will happen with Civilization: Call to Power 2 as the source code has just been released.

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